Meeting Mastery Certification

You know how much of your life is spent wasted in meetings.

You will have seen horrendously badly run meetings, over and over again.

If you have been lucky, maybe you even experienced some that delivered stellar results. If so, you will know how rare that is.

Most of the time… no, it seems like almost all of the time, what follows is the norm. Isn’t it?

Have you been in a few meetings that you felt could have been better run by someone of this age?


You may be thinking, no, screaming:

“If only it was ‘a few!’”

Or worse, does nearly every meeting you attend leave you feeling like that?

Almost certainly. And for many people, the mere prospect of yet another dismally mis-managed meeting leaves them losing the will to live. Of course, as you know (?) every meeting epitomises organisation, structure, and is as relentlessly effective as it is possible to imagine. Yes?

Have you been in meetings
that left you feeling like this?


Or is this what you usually witness?

elephant in a room

If so, you know what comes after the headless chicken dance? “Oh, no,” you might say, “it has (?) never taken place in my organisation. Who could ever think such a thing?” Uh, huh?

And coming back to reality, perhaps you have seen this even more often?


Above are just a few examples of meeting hell. You have seen, many more examples.

And possibly all of them leave you feeling like this?


Of course, for job and career reasons you feel it is best to behave like this.

elephant in a room

So, you say nothing, and do nothing; long ago you resigned yourself to a lifetime of meeting hell. STOP! There is an alternative. Some people have reached Meeting Mastery; some people run meetings that are twice as productive as those of their peers; twice as productive, and, take half the time! What? How? By using the techniques that are covered in the Meeting Mastery Certification Programme (those who complete the programme receive a copy of ‘Meeting Mastery.’)

All that is required for meeting hell to prosper is that potential meeting masters do nothing.

Meeting Mastery Certification

If you are one of the people who thinks that meetings, hell as they may be, are better than doing that unseemly ‘work thing,’ then stop reading;

Meeting Mastery Certification is not for you. In fact, you will want to prevent anyone in your company ever developing such skills; productivity, results and ‘work’ could follow, and obviously you can’t allow that! If you, by contrast, are someone who wants to make a difference, who wants to add value, who wants to get results, who wants to make the world better, then what follows, Meeting Mastery Certification IS for you. In two days, you can become Certified in Meeting Mastery, you can become so much more effective at running meetings than your peers. You can turn meeting hell in to what, by comparison, feels heavenly.

“Oh, I don’t chair any meetings, I merely suffer them!” you might say.

All that is required for meeting hell to prosper
is that potential meeting masters do nothing.

Will you let meeting hell prosper, OR, will you become a Meeting Master? If you are still reading, you have chosen Meeting Mastery. Here is some great news: when you have reached Meeting Mastery you can improve any meeting you attend. Yes, any!

What would that do for your morale, for your career prospects? Here is question that gives the answer to asking of the impact of becoming a Certified Meeting Master: In which environment are the largest number of people most likely to spot your competence? In meetings! How well you contribute to meetings, how well you influence meetings, what your meetings achieve, how quickly you achieve those results, all have a huge impact on your career…

Not to mention job satisfaction or the success cycle that follows: you feel better about your job, about your abilities, so you put more effort in, and can keep going at tough tasks for longer, which makes it more likely you achieve great results, which makes you feel better about… and so on upwards in a virtuous spiral, a career enhancing spiral.

If you want to learn how to become a Certified Meeting Master fill in the form below. If you want meeting hell to continue, simply do nothing.

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